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Daniel Dworsky: Bio

Daniel Dworsky - Composer/Producer

If you're in northern Israel enjoying a night out, you might just catch Danny Dworsky belting out a jazz tune. Danny, a versatile multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, composes, teaches and records out of his studio in Atlit. In his varied career, he has won two major songwriting awards, ghostwritten some hit tunes, written the music for a number of movies, and continues to perform with leading musicians in Israel and the United States.

Like many versatile musicians, Danny grew up with music as part of his life. His father was a musician who played with his brothers in an accapella group called the Millionaires Acapella Quartet. Growing up in a musical household in the United States, he was exposed to a wide variety of musical genres including the music of Fats Waller and Art Tatum.

From an early age, he learned to play mandolin and guitar. But it was his grandfather's Baldwin baby grand that was his first love (before he met his wife). He also attempted to play a number of other instruments along the way, including the violin and trombone much to his frustration and the annoyance of his siblings. If you catch him on stage with his crew today, he mostly plays piano and guitar, singing a combination of standards as well as his own original compositions. Clearly at home on the stage, he captures his audience with his musical mastery, powerful singing style, and bizarre sense of humor. 

But if you ask Danny what he truly loves, he'll tell you that he loves teaching. He has a passion for bringing out the best in young musical talents, helping to nurture their ability and help them grow into performers that can hold their own. He also works with established performers to help them hone their skills and tackle vocal issues.

A highly qualified sound engineer with numerous certifications under his belt, he writes, performs, and produces his own music from concept to finished product in his studio. Albums include Ghosts in the Well, Stubborn Naivete, Like Air, and more. Listen to Danny's music or Buy his CDs.

Career Highlights

  • Producer and Arranger, K-Tel/Crysalis Records, UK
  • Consultant, Crest Agency
  • Producer Arranger, CBS Records
  • Producer of Musical Programs, IDF Radio



  • Bill Board Magazine, 1989 Certificate of achievement for the song Boats (Boats on the Mississippi) used in the film: The great book Robbery Sela Productions 2012
  • Sound Makers Magazine Top Ten Vocalists of 1987  Sound Makers Magazine for the Song "Friends" featured on Ghosts in the Well issued 1992.
  • U. S. Sound Makers Award Top Ten Vocalists of 1988 (Friends)
  • Billboard International Award Best Songwriter of 1989 (Boats)
  • Letter of Excellence IDF Radio Director General 1977 for composition.

Bedrock, Britainnia Studios, CBS, Chrysalis, DaMia Satterfield, DaBoom, Experience Records, Fox, Gabriella, Gap Band, Helicon, Intel, Juniper Sound, Kmilan, K-tel, L. A. Cities, Midnight Breeze, No Mind, O'Brien Entertainment, People's Choice, Phoenix Horns, Roland, Sequential Circuits, Us, Wall Street.

Film Scores 

TV Show Themes and Scene Music 
California Cities, Green Light / Zeh hoo zeh IBATV (Israeli National TV), Variety Night Live SDTV (San Diego CTV)