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Daniel Dworsky: Music

Tiny Hands

(Daniel Dworsky)
And it's times like these that I miss the old man.
I miss the laughter and the lies.

He'd say,

"Tiny Hands,
How about taking it slow tonight?
Tiny Hands, Play it slow 'til you play it right."

The Rambler died in New Mexico,
She was borderline behind the wheel.
We were babies in the back seat reaching through second hand smoke.
You know?
All you touch.
All you feel,
Its all done with tiny hands.

When I was in trouble or not into it yet.
When all my seas would run dry.
To think that the Devil hadn't have taken me then.
When you get a little older a little wilder,

I'll just say, "Tiny Hands...

I can't believe at all,
Mine were ever so small.

Some words will haunt you.
Some will dance in your sleep,
Like shining sparks in your night.
Some just make money off the souls that they reap,
And offer you shelter in their lies.

But not

Tiny Hands. I'm taking it slow tonight.
Tiny Hands. I play it slow till I play it right
Tiny Hands. Look who's taking it slow tonight.