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Daniel Dworsky: Music

I'll Never Tell

(Daniel Dworsky)
Did you think that children ever really forget - that wounds left festering heal?
How many demons and ghosts have you left in dreams in shame the surreal – so real,
Sometimes, They’re all I feel but,

I’ll never tell. Tell me what more could it do to me?
I’ll never tell. All this must stay in the Family
I’ll never tell. What if I tell?
Will it set me free?

All information is learned at your feet. – Your choice. –Teach or conceal.
Divided, conquered, ashamed but discrete, lies leave no mark but they kill.
It’s your deal. Cut and never heal. I’ll never tell.

We are blessed with children for which others only can wish.
It’s not their fault how you feel and yet your memory is surpassed by most fish,
Who just gave birth for the meal.

I can’t see with my eyes open and all I hold and feel are lies.
I’ll go sailing on the ocean. There I’ll close my tired eyes.