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Daniel Dworsky: Music

Anthia, Call Me

(Daniel Dworsky)
Daniel Dworsky
-I Reallly Don't need this-

This is another Ghost Song intended for DaMia & DaBoom. The original production was overseen by Louis Satterfield and underseen by Phillip Upchurch.
Church made it so smooth and pretty that if processed cheese could sing it would have sounded like the 1987 version of Anthia. When I tried to make suggestions he nearly growled at me.

So I pulled it.

Loui of blessed memory was was more amused then pissed off. He kept shaking his head and mimicking my voice saying, "I don't need this... I REALLLLLLLY don't need this!"

I asked him, "Is that supposed to be me? Are you making fun of me?"

"Yes I am."
It's really an honor to be surrounded by famous, successful, older, more talented and seasoned musicians and having them all laugh at you at once.

I am daunted by everything from computers to sorting socks but when it comes to my music I don't compromise very well.

I re-released this tune under my own label three years later using the spectacular talents of Garner Thomas on reeds.

No connection to that at all the sound was inspired a decade earlier by a girl the guys were crushing on in high school. I was at the time immune but I had an edge. My musical Talents were peaking right about then and she was a pianist her mom was a concert pianist. I had met the mom. God Loved me - Still does. Although
I don't know I think my mom was an accident of nature. God seems to trying like mad to make up for that one oversight.

In any case the song was written both in the spirit of leaning against a parked Rolls Royce( not your own- pretending it is) as well as an adolescent guess at the future. I just knew that Ann and I would always have each others back.
This has been the story of my life,
I have had enormous luck when it comes to choosing my friends.
And Anne is no exception. More like an example

In 50 years I've made only three bad people choices. The total damage $5000.00 the experience priceless and a respect for the destructive power of a weak personality. It's less the powerful nasty people in life that get you. It's the weak skwooshy ones that make a hole for them.

When I'm not pushing a new CD or performing I work with special kids as a teacher. You can pull a
child out of an abusive home. But if you don't fight for them after you've done your minimum duty as a whistle blower, Well the system can often do as much or more damage as a drunken parent.
Anne if time goes by too slowly,
If you are ever feeling lonely,
Anthia, Call me.
Say hello, (it can't hurt), to your old friend in the desert.
Anthia Call me.

I bet all the boys still fall for you.

Call we'll talk about the old days,
Our golden broken rule ways,
Back in school.

Who knows all about you?
Don't be a fool, There ain't nothing you can do,
You will allways be my sweetheart.

Time to place a call. Hon?
Call me.

Anne, Before you set sail with a member of a cartel.
Anthia, Call me.