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Daniel Dworsky: Vocal Training & Band Aid

Every singer wants to do something different with their voice. What do you want to do with yours?

Danny specializes in helping each singer reach their full potential. He works with all levels of experience, from the beginner just starting out, to the professional who wants to hone his or her skills.

Vocal skill isn't just about singing "well." It involves, at all levels, a regimen of vocal wellness coupled with preventive strategies for avoiding stress on the vocal cords. It's about repairing vocal fatigue hoarseness and lack of continuity between registers, even after the condition is in play. As such, it's important to have a basic understanding of vocal pathology and basic anatomy. Students learn techniques which help them solve common difficulties and teach them to be in complete control of their voice, whether they're performing live or recording in the studio.

Danny also works on active listening, teaching ear training and how to listen in a discerning and methodical way. This is an essential skill for every singer.

Building confidence, learning how to be focused, relaxed and feeling safe to experiment with your voice during practice leads directly to a more powerful precise and soulful stage performance.

Interested in improving your vocals? Contact Danny.

Band Aid
There's more to being in a band than just playing in time

Danny works with band members, producers and audio engineers to help them listen to each other and support each other's overall performance. He shows them how to launch each other's performance and better support their vocals to make the band sound more dynamic and exciting.

He encourages and teaches band members to communicate through visual and non-visual cues. He helps bands go from good to great by stressing the importance of learning how to anticipate what the other band members are going to  do, especially when improvising or jamming. He teaches band members how to reinforce and support each other's contributions during practice and performances, as well as in the studio.

Interested in improving your band's performance? Contact Danny.